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Ganesh Indian Cuisine


Appetizers Vegetarian



1. Onion Pakora $4.99 leaf  Gluten-Free

Chickpea dumpling with onions

2. Paneer Pakora $4.99 leaf  Gluten-Free

Chickpea dumplings made with home-made cheese

3. Assorted Vegetable Pakora $5.99 leaf Gluten-Free 

Seasoned mixed vegetables mixed with chickpea flour and deep-fried

4. Vegetable Samosa (2) $4.99 leaf 

Deep-fried crispy patties stuffed with potatoes & green peas

5. Gobi Manchuria $6.99 leaf 

Cauliflower battered and cooked with green chilies and onions with Indian spices



Appetizers Non-Vegetarian



6. Lamb Somosa (2) $6.99

Crisp patties stuffed with ground lamb, treat green peas and spices wrapped in a home made flour pastry dough and deep fried

7. Chicken Pakoras $6.99 Gluten-Free

Boneless chicken tenders seasoned and dipped in a chick pea batter and deep fried

8. Chicken 65 $7.99

Boneless chicken cooked with yogurt and spices

9. Chili Chicken $7.99

Boneless chicken fried with chili peppers

10. Pepper Chicken $7.99

Chili Chicken with hotter peppers

11. Tandoori Platter $9.99

Tandoori chicken, cure Chicken Tikka Kabob


Chat Specials


12. Papdi Chat $6.99

Snacks served with chutneys

13. Chole Bhatura $7.99 

Curry of chickpeas with fried bread

14. Chole Poori $7.99 leaf

Curry of chickpeas with puffed flat Indian bread


Soup / Salad


15. Sambar $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free

Lentil based vegetable soups with distinct seasonings

16. Mulakatani Soup $4.99 Gluten-Free

A South Indian creation made with lentils, onions, chicken, tamarind and spices

17. Spinach Tomato Soup $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free

Tomato based soup with spinach

18. Garden Green Salad $4.99 leaf Gluten-Free

19. Chicken Ceasar Salad $5.99 Gluten-Free


South Indian Specialties


20. Idli (4 pieces) $6.99 leaf Gluten-Free

Steamed rice cake served with Sambar and chutneys

21. Methu Vada (3 pieces) $6.99 leaf Gluten-Free

Deep fried special pastries made with urad flour

22. Onion Chili Uttapam $7.99 leaf

Thick pancake made with onion and pepper



Thin rice and lentil crepe served with tomato and coconut sauces (may contain peanuts)


23. Plain Dosa $7.99 leaf

24. Paper Dosa $7.99 leaf

Thin crisp dosa

25. Masala Dosa $8.99 leaf

With potatoes mix

26. Onion Dosa $8.99 leaf

With grilled onion

27. Mysore Masala Dosa 8.99 leaf

Crepe / Mysore spicy chutney with vegetable stuffing

28. Rava Crispy Dosa 8.99

Crepe made with cream of rice & wheat

29. Himalayan Spring Dosa 8.99 leaf

Cabbage, onion, carrot, potato masala


Vegetarian Specialties


30. Aloo Gobi $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Potatoes and Cauliflower cooked with special spices

31. Channa Masala $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Chickpea beans cooked with special herbs and spices

32. Dal Curry $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Yellow Lentil mildly spiced curry

33. Dal Makhani $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Black Lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices

34. Vegetable Coconut Korma $11.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Vegetable mix cooked with coconut milk and creamy sauce

35. Vegetable Curry $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free 
Vegetable mix cooked with thick onion sauce

36. Sag Paneer $10.99 Gluten-Free 
Creamy Spinach cooked with home made cheese and spices

37. Aloo Sag $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Potatoes cooked with creamy spinach and spices

38. Malai Kofta $10.99
Homemade cheese and vegetable balls cooked in a creamy cashew nut sauce

39. Paneer Tikka Masala $10.99 Gluten-Free
Homemade cheese cooked with tomatoes and cream sauce

40. Shahi Paneer $10.99 Gluten-Free
Crushed homemade cheese cooked with exotic masala cream sauce

41. Navrathan Korma $10.99 Gluten-Free (can be leaf)
Mixed Vegetable cooked with fruit

42. Bindi Masala $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Okra cut & cooked with garlic, onions and bell peppers

43. Mushroom Mutter $10.99 Gluten-Free (can be leaf)
Mushroom and green peas cooked with onions and tomatoes in a mild sauce

44. Aloo Mutter $10.99 Gluten-Free (can be leaf)
Potatoes and green peas cooked with creamy sauce

45. Baingan Bharatha $11.99 Gluten-Free (can be leaf)
Roasted Eggplant cooked with green peas, onions, herbs and cream


White Wine


Chardonnay [Jacob Creek] Washington $5.99  $24.00

Chardonnay [Glen Ellen] California $5.99  $24.00

Sauvinon Blanc [Wood Bridge] $5.99  $24.00

Red Wine


Carbernet [14 Hands] Washington $5.99  $24.00

Old Vine Zinfandel [Bogle] California $6.99  $24.00

Shiraz [Yellow Tail] S.E. Australia $5.99  $24.00

Pinot Noir $5.99  $24.00


Chicken Specialties



46. Egg Curry $11.99 Gluten-Free
3 boiled eggs cooked with tomatoes and onions

47. Chicken Curry $11.99 Gluten-Free
Home style chicken curry with onion sauce

48. Chicken Korma $11.99 Gluten-Free
Aromatic saffron cashew nut curry with chicken

49. Chicken Coconut Korma $12.99 Gluten-Free
Chicken cooked with coconut milk

50. Chicken Vindaloo $11.99 Gluten-Free
Chicken and potatoes cooked in hot tangy sauce

51. Chicken Karahi $11.99 Gluten-Free
Chicken cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes and carrots

52. Chicken Sag $11.99 Gluten-Free
Boneless chicken cooked with spinach, onions, garlic, ginger, cream and spices

53. Butter Chicken $11.99 Gluten-Free
Sliced Tandoori chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spiced in creamy curry of tomatoes

54. Ginger Chicken $11.99
Chicken cooked with ginger sauce

55. Chicken Tikka Masala $11.99 Gluten-Free
Breast meat barbecued in tandoor oven, then cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cream and spices

56. Andhra Chicken Curry $11.99 Gluten-Free
Bone in chicken cooked with special herbs


Lamb / Goat Specialties


57. Lamb Rogan Josh $13.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb cubes simmered in onion & tomato sauce

58. Lamb Sag $13.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb cooked in creamy spinach sauce

59. Lamb Curry $13.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb cooked with special sauce

60. Lamb Vindaloo $13.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb & Potatoes cooked in spicy sauce

61. Lamb Korma $13.99 Gluten-Free
Aromatic saffron cashew nut sauce curry with Lamb

62. Lamb Coconut Korma $14.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb cooked with coconut milk

63. Lamb Tikka Masala $13.99 Gluten-Free
Lamb cooked with tomatoes and creamy sauce

64. Goat Curry $13.99 Gluten-Free
Goat meat (with bones) cooked with spicy sauce


Seafood Specialties


65. Fish Masala / Shrimp Masala $12.99 Gluten-Free
Fish (or) Shrimp cooked in special tamarind sauce

66. Fish/Shrimp Coconut Korma $13.99 Gluten-Free
Fish (or) Shrimp with coconut milk on- ions, garlic, tomatoes, cashews, golden raisins & spices

67. Fish or Shrimp Tikka Masala $12.99 Gluten-Free
Fish (or) Shrimp barbecued in tandoor oven, then cooked with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cream and spices

68. Fish or Shrimp Vindaloo $12.99 Gluten-Free
Fish (or) Shrimp cooked with Potatoes and spicy sauce


Tandoori Specialties (Clay Oven)


69. Ganesh Special Mixed Grill $15.99 Gluten-Free
A combination of all the Tandoori dishes and vegetables

70. Tandoori Chicken (bone in) $11.99 Gluten-Free
Half Chicken marinated in yogurt, special herbs and spices

71. Chicken Tikka Kabab $12.99 Gluten-Free
Boneless Chicken breast marinated in yogurt, special herbs and spices then baked

72. Lamb Boti Kabab $14.99 Gluten-Free
Boneless Lamb marinated in Yogurt, special herbs and spices then baked

73. Seekh Kabab $14.99 Gluten-Free
Ground Lamb mixed with herbs & spices served with Basmati Rice


Rice Specialties


74. Vegetable Biryani $10.99 leaf Gluten-Free
Basmati Rice cooked with Mixed Vegetables

75. Egg Biryanin $11.99 Gluten-Free
Basmati Rice cooked with Eggs

76. Hyderabad Chicken Biryani – Serves 1 $12.99 Gluten-Free
Basmati rice cooked with Chicken (with or without bones)

77. Lamb – Goat or Shrimp Biryani – Serves 1 $14.99 Gluten-Free

Basmati Rice cooked with Lamb – Goat or Shrimp and Spices



Bread Specialties


78. Naan (Butter) $1.99

Teardrop-shaped flat bread baked in tandoor (clay oven)

79. Garlic Naan $2.99

(Garlic, Onion or Paneer Naan)

80. Kabuli Naan $2.99

Bread stuffed with Raisins, Cashew Nut, Almonds & mixed dry fruits

81. Roti (Baked in Clay Oven) $1.99

Bread made with wholewheat flour

82. Paratha (Grilled on Pan) $2.99

Bread made with wholewheat flour

83. Poori (Deep-fried in oil) $2.99

Bread made with wholewheat flour

84. Keema Naan $3.99

Bread stuffed with ground Lamb

85. Aloo Paratha $3.99

Paratha, stuffed with mildly seasoned mashed potatoes, baked in clay oven


Side Orders


86. Basmati Rice $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free

87. Raita $3.99 Gluten-Free
Yogurt with onions, tomatoes & cucumbers

88. Sweet Mango Pickle $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free

89. Papadum $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free

Wafers of lentil flour flavored with black pepper and cumin seed baked in tandoori clay oven




90. Gulab Jamun (2) $2.99
Light pastry made from milk and flour – in thick sweet syrup, served warm.

91. Kheer $3.99 Gluten-Free
Homemade rice pudding

92. Khulfi – Our own ice cream $3.99 Gluten-Free
Mango or Pistachio

93. Vanilla Ice Cream $2.99 Gluten-Free

94. Fruit Salad $3.99 leaf Gluten-Free




95. Mango Juice $2.99 leaf Gluten-Free

96. Mango Lassi – Yogurt shake with mango $3.99 Gluten-Free

97. Strawberry Lassi $3.99 Gluten-Free

98. Sweet or Salt Lassi – Yogurt shake $3.99 Gluten-Free

99. Indian tea or Coffee $2.99 Gluten-Free  Tea with spices or Coffee, boiled with milk

100. Soda $1.99 leaf Gluten-Free Coke products





King Fisher $5.99

Heinekin $4.99

Budweiser $3.99

Bud Light $3.99